Avoid the crowded restaurants and copycat cuisine. Let us pamper you in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Give that truly unique and special gift to someone, of our personalized chef services. Take advantage of our gift cards and give someone a truly memorable meal.

Let us take the worry out your next home game or tailgating event.

In-Home Meal Plan Options

We offer three standard meal plans, designed with active people and families in mind. We also offer optional appetizer, salad, and desserts courses at an additional fee. For your convience, our plan rates include everything: food, shopping, preparation, storage, and clean-up.

The 5/4 Meal Plan

The 5/4 Plan provides 4 servings of 5 entrees paired with matched side dishes for 20 full meals.

The 5/2 Meal Plan

The 5/2 Plan is great for couples and singles. It provides 2 servings of 5 entrees paired with matched side dishes for 10 full meals.

The 4/4 Meal Plan

The 4/4 Plan provides 4 servings of 4 entrees paired with matched side dishes for 16 full meals.

Reusable Containers

$50.00 one-time charge
These durable plastic containers are perfect for keeping your meals fresh. They look nice, stack well in your refrigerator, and offer a wide range of options for heating your meals. For a one-time charge, the set is yours to keep. We will replace individual pieces as needed at no further charge.

Disposable Containers

$20.00 per cook date
If you elect not to purchase the resuable containers, we will provide disposable containers that can be heated in a microwave.
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